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The current real estate market has created a bubble for many investment property owners. Namely, they would like to complete a 1031 exchange out of their current property and acquire a Replacement Property which provides better long term cash flow and equity growth. However, finding a new property within the 45 day identification window can be difficult. Until now! 1031 CLEARINGHOUSE has solved the problem by aggregating select investment grade alternatives which are readily available and which can be identified immediately.

Buy a New Investment Grade Property and Defer the Gain Tax

Using a 1031 Exchange to Improve Property Performance

We now have a mechanism which allows you to sell an existing investment property and transition into a cash flowing ownership interest in a true investment grade property; anything from a Wallgreens to university housing, to an outpatient medical facility.


Alfred Pizzurro, Principal

Lead Investment Grade Property Liasion

Contact Alfred and he will be pleased to not only explain the 1031 exchange process, but he will also detail exactly how you can transition from your existing property into an institutional or nnn property which provide better cash flow, tax benefits and the opportunity for long term growth and security.

844-533-1031 x102

Our Exchange Fees

1031 CLEARINGHOUSE has secured a special 1031 exchange processing relationship with Investment Property Exchange Services [IPX1031} for the purposes of facilitating the tax deferred exchanges of our clients. We selected IPX1031 because they are the largest 1031 facilitator in the country, a subsidiary of Fortune 300 Fidelity National Financial, and the best equipped from an executional and funds security standpoint.

Our exchange transactions are facilitated out of the IPX office in Silicon Valley.



same day close

  • Same counties
  • Planning
  • $100 Million Bonding
  • $50 Million E&O
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  • 1031 Planning
  • Identification
  • $100 Million Bonding
  • $50 Million E&O
  • Client Portal


and up

  • Reverse Planning
  • Identification
  • $100 Million Bonding
  • $50 Million E&O
  • Client Portal


case by case

  • 1031 Planning
  • Aircraft
  • Personal Property
  • Construction
  • Client Portal

Avoid These 1031 Pitfalls

The 1031 exchange space is unregulated. Make sure you are using an established and reliable facilitator like IPX. To do otherwise is to put your hard earned exchange proceeds at risk.
When you complete a 1031 exchange you must identify the property you expect to acquire within 45 days; and that 45 days moves very quickly! So start looking for a suitable Replacement Property sooner, rather than later.
When researching possible Replacement Properties, focus on long term security as well as yield. Balancing the two is the best way to ensure that your property is well suited for long term ownership which generates the type of cash flow which will meet your investment objectives.
Nobody has a better grasp than us when it comes to available inventory of investment grade property alternatives. 1031 CLEARINGHOUSE can find you anything from a triple net property leased property to a credit tenant property or a small slice of an institutional property via a Delaware Statutory Trust.


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